How do I sign up for an Account ?

Signing up for an account on is quick & easy.

Please visit our Sign up page and Input your email address and click “Submit”.

Once you have signed up, a link will be sent to your email with your User ID & Password.

How do I log into  my account for the First Time ?

Please refer the registered email account for the  User ID & Password.

Can I change my password which has been created by ?

Yes. When you log into your account, the system prompts you  to change the password.


How do I post an Ad?

Posting an Ad is quick and easy. Simply follow OR Press the Red Color button “Add Listing” and follow the instructions.

You can simply add your information immediately after signing up or later. All information with regard to your product and services will be displayed as per below.

Why charges for  posting an Ad since most of the listing sites have this facility free of charge?

The is not just only a typical listing site. The is an e-community to communicate with small and medium business entrepreneurs, and all the service providers,  who eagerly require the services.


Also, the is awaiting to launch a series of customized features and our team is working 24X7 to make your life easy, and to facilitate  all services at your fingertips.

We charge only a nominal fee of Rs.2.74 per day and it costs only Rs. 1,000 for 365 days.

You can publish on this web  unlimited products and services on a  daily basis and is 100% free & will be shared on our  expanding Facebook page too.

Am I  updated  whether my Account is Approved or Rejected ?

Yes, you will receive the notification to your registered email address.



How do I pay for the Account Listing ?

Currently, you can follow  any of the methods below.

  1. You can Deposit or Transfer to our Bank Account,


  1. Inform us by email or contact us so that you can  meet up with our Company agent at your doorstep.

What are the additional information I  need to mention in the Deposit Slip or Bank Transfer ?

Only your Order reference Number is sufficient for us to proceed with your post.

What am  I supposed to do after the Bank transaction is effected?

Please  scan the  picture of the Deposit slip or Screen picture of the Bank Transfer Confirmation and email to [email protected] or  Whatsapp the image to   0777 04 11 03


How long will it take  to publish my post after the Bank deposit is realized ?

It is a matter of time to update your post  and publish same no sooner your payment is realized and credited to our account and after verifying your Order number mentioned in the Bank Deposit Slip or Reference number of your Fund Transfer.


How does the Agent Service work ?

Our Agent Service is for your convenience and our Agents  District- wise will be able to visit you at your doorstep.  You can handover your Initial listing to our well trained Agents and make your business grow  through the e-community.

Can I hand over the Payment to Agent ?

Yes, You can handover the payment and make sure to obtain an official  Receipt from our company. Also please ensure that you check the Company provided identity card of the Agent before you handover the payment. Meanwhile you can always enquire from our 24X7 call centre about the Agent. (Please see call centre no 0777 04 11 03 )